Business Intelligence from Existing Cyber security investments

Most companies have spent many millions on security people, processes, and products/tech over the last several years. That spend continues to increase and the need to keep the data due to compliance requirements still exists. This equation seems to be broken for many companies.

Though these security investments have yielded high amounts of value in security defenses, they have left the business with a high total cost of data storage and a corresponding high cost to perform standardized security detections.

Snowfire Intelligence turns the existing security data storage cost into an enterprise discussion about the return on investment and enables the business to drive more insights across the enterprise, creating deep value from the existing data sets, bringing cyber data to life for the business.

Board Room Intelligence

Use existing security data sets to visualize consistent and repeatable messaging.

CEO Engagement Analytics

Turn the Cybersecurity data investment strategy into an Executive narrative.

CFO Financial Analytics

Turn security data into financial outcomes related to business operational costs.

Sales Analytics Intelligence

Integrate existing sales systems and turn on Sales narrative dashboard accelerators.

Executive Leadership Meetings

Present to peers the security outcomes that align with other business unit success factors

Security Team Members

Create an ongoing workspace for discussion, improvements, and tracking outcomes.

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