You Do your Business

We’ll do the Intel

We take your data and bring it to life. Whether it be data to help solve a business problem, save money, drive efficiencies, or drive engagement – the data has the answers and we’re here to help provide them.

  • Financial Analytics
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Security Operations
  • Human Engagement
  • Software Usage
  • License Utilization
  • Fraud Analytics

Step 1:

You Bring Us your Clouds

We start by building out a complete understanding of the cloud infrastructure spend, data available, and begin the analysis of the potential business return on investment intel available given the data set.

Step 2:

We Uncluster your Clusters

We organize your data into our business analytics warehouse and ready it for large-scale analysis. We then transform that data into formats that enable our business intelligence engines to bring your data to life.

Step 3:

We Value Map the Workloads

Once ingested and transformed into machine learning and data science formats, our analytics go to work analyzing the security data into business intelligence engines to bring your data to life in our dashboards.

Step 4:

We Monetize the Existing Security Data Spend

We bring the business intelligence outcomes to you and your team. These include real-time workbooks, complex visualizations, and tailored business intelligence to help you drive to your outcomes.

Step 5:

We Deliver productized Business Intelligence

We turn the ongoing cost of security data into repeatable business value that drives return on data investment across the entire enterprise. Security teams to Boardroom value. Intelligence realized.

We’ll show you

how deep the Iceberg goes


Contact us to get started today to get started on a sample data set. We will turn that data set into a return on investment by showing the insights you’ve been missing out on this entire time. Let Snowfire turn icebergs of data into business intelligence outcomes. Set it on fire.